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Photo of the week
Posted: 2011-03-13
Time: 07:48:07pm

Take a look at this

1,474-Megapixel Photo During President Obama’s Inaugural Address.

This is an absolutely stunning photo taken with such a high megapixel camera, its amazing! You can zoom into literally everything and see it crystal clear (and I though my canon 30D was doing a good job with clarity ..).


Of the weeks
Posted: 2011-03-07
Time: 03:02:22pm

Over the next many weeks I will be blogging about three certain categories; Facebook statuses of the week from my friends list(im looking for humor, interesting facts, and meaningful posts), video of the week posted on Facebook from my friends list (looking for funny, clever, and creative posts), and lastly im going to post my favorite picture of the week from anywhere on the web, I will be critiquing all posts. Stay tuned to see if your posts get selected.


Fun Friends
Posted: 2011-02-21
Time: 11:57:02pm

Definition of FRIEND according to merriam-webster.com: one attached to another by affection or esteem. I agree with this so I wanted to speak about what a good 'friend' is; one who cares, loves, respects, honors, appreciates, admires, keeps in touch with, understands that there is know one else out there like that person, protects, helps out, can talk to about anything. This is my list of what my friends consist of.


The Days Go By
Posted: 2011-02-15
Time: 04:29:22pm

Well to start off happy post-valentines day to all. I was so busy the day of working like a monkey, staring at the computer screen typing alphanumeric characters to make things work on the web... Anyway i ended up going to my friend Brittany Graham's house and watched 'Letters to Juliet,' sippin on sparkling apple cider. Then we ended the night by watching some funny youtube videos. Oh and then after that I went to the gym at 2:30am (ran a 8 minute mile.)
Today I continued to design the web and actually finished up with a project, which is awesome haha.

Here is the our favorite video of the night

Here is the original video of it


Just Go With It - MOVIE REVIEW
Posted: 2011-02-12
Time: 02:47:20pm

This movie is hilarious, honestly you need to see it. Its non stop laughter for the entire length of the movie.

The Picture that started it all - Mojave Narrows Lake
Posted: 2011-02-10
Time: 05:04:26pm

The one picture that started it all in my photo career/hobby. I went on a camping trip with my fried Jeff Davidson and John Soria and the trip allowed me to capture this wonderful image. This picture was taken nearly 4-5 years ago, it has set a toll on me. When I first took this picture and viewed it on a larger screen it put me in a warm place looking at it. The elegance of it make me feel good inside, from the reflection on the water to the silhouette of the trees and grass. The colors give me a cool feeling and makes me feel good.

Music makes you
Posted: 2011-02-08
Time: 06:22:03pm

Music says a lot about a person, have you ever spoke to someone for the first time and after you asked them what kind of music they liked, and when you hear that response you think of them completely different(in a great way or you think to yourself 'WOW' in a disgusted way.) They say not to judge a book by its cover but when you get facts like that then you should know the way to judge that individual.

I'd like to make a list of my top 5 favorite bands in chronological order with a reason why it is in that order;

UnderOath - My all-time favorite band. Even though it is classified as Christian metal, metalcore, and post-hardcore I have so much faith for them because of their lyircs. They sing with wisdom and passion, and there is nothing more in a band that I like that sings with devotion. Underoath has changed a lot in the past 11 years, their starting members from the band really gave these guys a good rep however none of the members that started the original band are currently in it. My favorite CD is the 'The Changing of Times'(2002)' as well as 'Cries of the Past(200)' and 'Act of Depression(1999).' Underoath is currently making music with many different artists and they have tend to change genres to 'Metalcore.'

Bayside: A inspirational group of artists. Bayside's vocalist has a very different style and this makes them stand out of the crowd. Just like Underoath, Bayside has changed genres as the years past. Overall this band is great and understands what it means to take life each day as it comes.

Name Taken: A new band that I recently started listening to in the past 2 years has really pick up on every perfect note imaginable! They sadly broke up a few years ago and I personally wish that they would get back together.

Here is Name taken's last show.


The springs
Posted: 2011-02-06
Time: 11:32:21pm

I drove to palm springs yesterday to visit my sister from San Francisco and so far I've had a great time, I went horseback riding today for the first time in my life. I rode an all white horse, super fun and super fast. I laid by the pool then began watching the super bowl then went to my cousins house and finished watching the super bowl, had a nice ethnic diner, and to top it off my sisters friends and I relaxed in the spa. That's the end of a back to back vacation.

Posted: 2011-02-05
Time: 05:49:47pm

My Cousin Nora Demirjian and I have started a teamed together in the graphic/web/video/photo/design world. Nora has obtained BA in Graphic Design from CSUN and I have earned my BS in Web Design and Interactive Media, our mission is to provide elegant, beautiful, and outstanding designs to make you or your company stands out, as well as become profitable. Our turnaround time is done in a respectable manner and we can revamp what you already have to get noticed more. Our web site is currently being revamped by us, it will be launch in near future.

The start...
Posted: 2011-02-04
Time: 02:30:00pm

Today I went to EonReality for a meeting with the company and my new job is about to begin. My cousin Nora and I are going to work on completely revamping the companies web site. Nora will be designing the web site and I will be developing it into reality.

Android Amazing
Posted: 2011-02-03
Time: 05:49:45pm

Check out this new Android Event presenting all of their new technology coming out. Most of this technology coming out is amazing and has so much potential. Hello 3D apps!

What Weight?
Posted: 2011-02-03
Time: 03:07:02pm

Remember the high school days when you would have a physical education class where students ran, played sports, and stayed somewhat active. You come home from school and enjoy the days being active skateboarding, biking, being involved in sport related activates. Then college came around and your major has nothing to do with being active, if you’re somewhat like me you sit around the majority of the day working on the computer getting no real exercise other that typing and working the mouse (some real workout!) so then you gain some pounds because you’re not eating the best foods because you live on your own and have no time to cook. Graduation comes along and you’re a couple pounds overweight and some people have said, “Looks like you’ve gained some pounds” and you reply, “Nooo.” So this is pretty much the situation that I am in and for that I bought a gym pass today and hoping that my future looks bright in the “fit” world.


Thanks to Leslie
Posted: 2011-02-02
Time: 03:02:21pm

This is my first blog entry ever!! Thanks to my inspiring friend Leslie Youngdahl from Michigan, I fell in love with the concept of blogging specifically freeing my thoughts about life and just give people something interesting to read about, have it be my opinion or just venting. Stay tuned so some sweet bloggings! I plan on have a new entry once a day.

So I just got back from a little vacation yesterday. I flew to Boston for one week and then took a bus to New York for another week. this is my second time going to Boston and my first time to New York (I know, I was missing out.) Well let me tell you i had the time of my life! ill start in Boston, I stayed with my friend Alexis Higgins and her wonderful parents. YES it was snowing and the temperature was in the single digits but I still had a blast. We went to my first sporting event in Boston, a Bruins game...they lost but it sure was a adventure and the vibe the TD Garden has is amazing! As i made my way to New York visiting my friend Alvart Spenjian and my cousin Graig Keklikian, I got to explore the city of New York. It was snowing in New York as well (two inches an hour) it was out of control, and we were driving in it and could only drive 15mph on the highway. Hanging out with my cousin Graig was so much fun, he took me to the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner restaurants I have ever been to! So good! At the end of my journey I took a cab to the airport and got on my plane and fly to Denver to make a layover and with my luck my flight delayed due to the storm and delayed again and again... There was about 100 or so people in this area with 5 or so gates and it was just a full house, and we could really hear anything and I never heard them say Burbank CA was boarding so i missed my flight and was upset about that. I went to the customer service center and asked what I could do at this point and the man said the next flight was over in ten hours and at this point it was 6pm, my jam dropped and i started crying (kidding) but i was concerned what was going to happen. I then asked if there were any flight going to LAX, and he checked and said "oh yes we do!" so i got on that flight 30 minutes later and made it home....but now im glad to be back home in LA with my family and friends.

Briuns Game

Bostons Beautiful snow

Alvart's house

The beautiful view from my cousins apartment.