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What Weight?
Posted: 2011-02-03
Time:  03:07:02 pm

Remember the high school days when you would have a physical education class where students ran, played sports, and stayed somewhat active. You come home from school and enjoy the days being active skateboarding, biking, being involved in sport related activates. Then college came around and your major has nothing to do with being active, if you’re somewhat like me you sit around the majority of the day working on the computer getting no real exercise other that typing and working the mouse (some real workout!) so then you gain some pounds because you’re not eating the best foods because you live on your own and have no time to cook. Graduation comes along and you’re a couple pounds overweight and some people have said, “Looks like you’ve gained some pounds” and you reply, “Nooo.” So this is pretty much the situation that I am in and for that I bought a gym pass today and hoping that my future looks bright in the “fit” world.