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Music makes you
Posted: 2011-02-08
Time:  06:22:03 pm

Music says a lot about a person, have you ever spoke to someone for the first time and after you asked them what kind of music they liked, and when you hear that response you think of them completely different(in a great way or you think to yourself 'WOW' in a disgusted way.) They say not to judge a book by its cover but when you get facts like that then you should know the way to judge that individual.

I'd like to make a list of my top 5 favorite bands in chronological order with a reason why it is in that order;

UnderOath - My all-time favorite band. Even though it is classified as Christian metal, metalcore, and post-hardcore I have so much faith for them because of their lyircs. They sing with wisdom and passion, and there is nothing more in a band that I like that sings with devotion. Underoath has changed a lot in the past 11 years, their starting members from the band really gave these guys a good rep however none of the members that started the original band are currently in it. My favorite CD is the 'The Changing of Times'(2002)' as well as 'Cries of the Past(200)' and 'Act of Depression(1999).' Underoath is currently making music with many different artists and they have tend to change genres to 'Metalcore.'

Bayside: A inspirational group of artists. Bayside's vocalist has a very different style and this makes them stand out of the crowd. Just like Underoath, Bayside has changed genres as the years past. Overall this band is great and understands what it means to take life each day as it comes.

Name Taken: A new band that I recently started listening to in the past 2 years has really pick up on every perfect note imaginable! They sadly broke up a few years ago and I personally wish that they would get back together.

Here is Name taken's last show.