FabriSkate Website
For many out there who want to make that skateboard that they have been dreaming of without all the flashy annoyance you would find with other websites.


Skills Used
  • -HTML
  • -CSS
  • -JQuery
  • -PHP
  • -MySQLi
  • -CMS

  • As a skateboarder, I understand the things that skaters have to go through when it comes to creating a complete skateboard.
    My goal with Fabriskate was to create a place where skaters can have fun with the process of building and customizing their own skateboard. The idea is that the more personal the design experience is, the more likely someone is to feel tied to the product they created and ultimately, make a purchase. Fabriskate is the next generation of websites, allowing the consumer to customize a product and instantly see their product build before their eyes, without the use of a flash based application.
    I created Fabriskate so that users want to stay on the site because of the interactivity of the design process and the flexibility to continually change your design.
    Target Audience
    The target audience for this site is first and foremost skateboarders; people in their teens and twenties with a love for the sport, and also anyone who may have a skateboarder in their life that they would like to buy a gift for.
    I used a wooden design theme to capture the essence of ‘fabricating’ and ‘building’ and I also added the concept that will create a new start to customizable complete purchases. This concept can be used not only with Fabriskate, but with other companies that are looking to have customizable complete items on their sites, such as fashion companies.
    As the designer and developer of this site, Using PHP and MySQL database, all aspects of the site are being pulled out dynamically from the database. I made a simple registration system that inputs the user’s information into the database and give them an access to login. I also created a login system that takes the user information and during the checkout process, it automatically inputs the first and last name of that user into the fields. This adds to the feeling of comfort and security on the site. Including the social network Facebook API ‘like button,’ gives the user a chance to appreciate the site and makes the site have greater visibility in the public. On the administrative side of things, I formed together a content management system (CMS) that allows the administrator to manage the site by adding new products, editing existing products, deleting outdated products, viewing all products, and keeping track of recent purchases so shipments can go out as soon as possible.